AD x Justin James - Fast Lanes
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AD x Justin James - Fast Lanes

AD x Justin James - Fast Lanes


Published: January 5, 2017 0 0 191
By: Justin Dumar, SAE Institute Chicago
Category: Music

Finally! The first installment of what's to come from AD (Alex De Guzman) and I "Fast Lanes".

We've been working the last few years creating our sound, style, and the way we want to represented. Fast Lanes is the perfect start to many releases we have on the way.

"Fast Lanes" was inspired from our encounters of pretty much fucking in the car, and who's never fucked in the car? If you haven't, listening to "Fast Lanes" in your car with a woman is probably a good start.

Anyway, hope ya'll enjoy this tune! We have a lot of dope material we are ready to release for you guy's and this is just the first. We'll probably be posting most of our work on my page but def follow Alex's soundcloud too @alex-de-guzman