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Collaborative Album

Collaborative Album

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Published: September 27, 2018 0 0 97
By: Bryan Dejano, SAE Institute
Category: Art & Design
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Electronic Music Production

Final Project - Collaborative Album

Work with a group of 5-6 people to produce an album or original music. The goal of this project is to put to use the compositional skills you’ve learned during the term and apply them to an industry-related project that will produce an album of your songs, including all of the individual steps/processes that go into creating an album.

Part 1 - Composition
- Each member of the group will compose an original song of at least 3.5 minutes (no upper time
limit) using any of the techniques we’ve covered in class (audio, musique concrete, synthesis, samplers, drum machines, etc.). There are no stylistic limitation or restrictions on this portion, but all music MUST BE ORIGINAL WORK, meaning you cannot sample the work of someone else (not only is this not original work, it is plagiarism and is against academic regulations...and it’s illegal)

Part 2 - Album production
- You will, as a group, decide on a concept for your album and will create the following:
- Album artwork (can use pre-existing images, as longa as they are fair use and open source images)
- Album title
- Track listing
- Metadata for each track (track name, artist, album title, track number, release year,
attached album artwork)
- Liner notes for each song - each member will do a short write-up about what their song
is about, or what it means to them and why they wrote it
- You will also be responsible for creating a (mostly) uniform sound for your songs in terms of
mixing and mastering. In other words, the songs should all have the same general “feel” in terms of their post-production characteristics

Part 2 of this project will require a large amount of group work and collaboration. In a real-world situation the various elements that go into creating an album are divided by a number of people. You will do the same for this project. Assign each member of the group a specific task, which will include the following:

- Lead producer​ - oversees the overall production of the album, makes sure things are being completed in a timely manner, communicates with all members of the group and is, in some part, involved with each step of the creation of the album

- Designer​ - this person will be in charge of creating or finding the album art for the project. This will also include putting text over the image to include track listings, album title, composers’ names, etc. This will all be put into a PDF that includes the liner notes for each song, as well as the names of each member of the team and their job

- Mixing engineer​ - this person will take the stems or project files of each song and, along with the person who wrote the song, work on getting the mix just right. The person who wrote the song should be involved because it is ultimately their work, but the mixing engineer will help with getting the overall sound quality to match the other projects .

- Mastering engineer​ - Like the mixing engineer, the mastering engineer will work on masting the final tracks. This involves taking the bounced audio file of each person’s song and bringing it into a Logic or Pro Tools session and doing the final mastering (EQ, compression, multi-band dynamic range processing, fades, etc.). This step should also be done with the person who wrote the song so that the songwriter gets what they want, but the mixing engineer should make sure that the songs all have the same overall quality and feel

- Data entry specialist​ - this person will be responsible for inputting metadata for all of the songs (including embedding album art), as well as taking notes for each group meeting session to submit to the project manager (Dr. Fielder) at the end of each class meeting. This person is also responsible for collecting everyone’s information (song title, liner notes, job) and submitting it to the Designer to put into the final album artwork PDF
Some groups will have 5 members, so each member should be assigned one task. Groups with 6 members may decide how to split tasks so that everyone is doing an equal amount of work, but everyone in the group should have at least 1 job

Think of me as your project manager throughout the rest of the term. For any industry project there is a project manager who oversees all production tasks and makes sure things are being completed on time and correctly. That will be my role in your completion of this project.
Writing and producing your group album will take up lab time for the remaining class meetings until the final day of class. You will work as groups and individually to check in with each other and make sure that everything is staying on track

- The mixing and mastering engineers will be mostly working on the back end of the project, but can still assist with tasks early on
Each week at the end of lab, each group will submit a progress report sheet. This should be done as a group, but ultimately typed up by whover is in the role of ​Data entry Specialist. ​You will fill out the “Weekly Check-in” form which will be handed out at the start of lab each week, and it must be turned in to myself or Michael before you leave for the day. Each of these check-ins will be worth a total of 10 points, and will count toward your final grade for the project.

You will be graded on an individual and a group basis. You will each receive an individual grade for your project, but will receive an additional portion for the overall group output. This will be divided as 50% of your grade toward your individual song, and 50% of your grade based on the quality of the group/album as a whole
No project like this is completed by the work of one singular person. It will take everyone working together to make sure your album is completed in time, and is done to the specifications listed above (and below). If someone in the group is not putting in the same amount of effort as the others, it is up to you as a group (and on the part of the lead producer) to make sure that everyone is completing their tasks on time.
The following is how your grade will be determined
Individual 50 points
- Completion of song, lasting at least 3.5 minutes
- Your song should have a clear beginning, middle and end (as with other projects)
- Your song should show a command for the techniques we’ve learned in class in terms of working
with instruments and audio, as well as an understanding of how to create original electronic music
You will be graded on completion of the following
- Weekly check-ins
- Completion of a full album, with one song contributed by each member
- Album artwork - submitted as a PDF document
- Complete with track listing, album title and typed up liner notes - Metadata included on each track
Ultimately you will turn in a single folder, titled as your group number, which will inclue the following:
- Each song with the title format “01 - Song Title” “02 - Song Title”
- A PDF document with album art, liner notes and job descriptions