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Published: January 5, 2017 0 0 108
By: Justin Dumar, SAE Institute Chicago
Category: Music

Alright guys, for the last year i've been working super hard with my guy @alex-de-guzman writing and recording new music (Which is amazing and I can't wait to release what we've been working on) but I realized that I haven't released anything from myself in a while. The last instrumental beat I released was "Sofa King Beautiful" which was a year ago. Today, I bring to you guy's the "See It To Believe It EP" which is a super dope, dreamy, vibey, instrumental EP. For all of you guy's who have been rockin with my production, I hope you guy's dig this EP. I want to do some self expression of where I am at this point in my life musically. I'm not a big fan of genre's so please don't listen to this EP trying to think of the genre it is. It's just music! Sounds that came from my head that I hope you can enjoy and appreciate. If you guy's dig this EP, please drop some comments and share with your friends and I promise to do more beat tapes or instrumental releases in the future. Stay up!