Hot Tubs ft. Evan Dupri & Big Tro
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Hot Tubs ft. Evan Dupri & Big Tro

Hot Tubs ft. Evan Dupri & Big Tro

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Published: March 2, 2020 0 0 116
By: Darryl Riley, SAE Atlanta
Category: Music
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During my second semester at SAE Institute of Atlanta, Evan Dupri, Todd Roach & myself created this song for a project we had to do for our Electronic Music Production class. What started off as a class project ended up on streaming platforms for the entire world to hear. Todd (Big Tro) was responsible for the production of the music, while Evan recorded & mixed the record, as well as featuring on the song. I'm responsible for the 2nd verse & executively producing the record. Link for the song on Apple Music:


HOTUBS HD v1.mp3 4.5 MB

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