Nikki Lynette - Mgmt Team
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Nikki Lynette - Mgmt Team

Nikki Lynette - Mgmt Team


Published: November 6, 2018 0 0 540
By: Kelsey Rios,
Category: Business
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Nikki Lynette, has brought me on to be apart of her team by bring on industry professionals that will work closely as she tackles a number of projects in the next few months. Nikki wants to take her career to the next level, but needs the structure and balance from a solid team. I will be helping keep all tasks organized through weekly meetings to discuss new ideas and how to utilize what the industry has to offer by creating new ways to express certain hard to talk about topics.

Nikki has been featured on Netflix, Hulu, MTV, Fox and more with her music. She has been featured in Billboard Magazine as well as being asked to speak at South By Southwest. Nikki’s main focus is based on Mental Health and Awareness through her music by creating “Happy Songs About Unhappy Things”.

Nikki’s theme in the creation of this journey is, “I Get Out Alive”. She wants to change the way people view mental health and what it stands for to make not only the subject more realistic and comfortable to discuss in public, but to show people to look passed the social standard of how a person presents themselves without knowing all of the information. Nikki and her team are in the process of developing a documentary on Mental Health and Awareness by interview people within the city of Chicago to gain their views on the subject. We are here to help people talk about it whether it be within their own lives or secondary to them.

Along with the documentary, Nikki has been awarded a one woman show through Northwestern University. She is going to make an impact within the theater community by showcasing her own music, writing and art.

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