Ronin 2 Year Anniversary
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Ronin 2 Year Anniversary

Ronin 2 Year Anniversary


Published: July 9, 2019 0 0 300
By: Christopher Phenis, SAE Chicago
Category: Engineering
Hashtags: #Music

This was a big night for the company I work for an also a big night for me and my good friend Zach. We were proposed with an opening set for all the help we've provided for the company. We were also asked to run own our stage upstairs. Me, Zach, and our friend noel all went back to back for the first hour of the show. It was a great set for all of us. After our set we had to rush upstairs and maintain the second stage. Everything ran smoothly all night, but we did run into some power problems before the show while setting up. We had too much power plugged into one power strip. With only about 20 mins before showtime, we had to rush around and fix the problem. We successfully moved power cords and found other outlets to use.
This was such a great night. The DJ set, the learning experience, and the other DJ sets were just amazing. Definitely a night for the books!

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