Songs Engineered by Me
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Songs Engineered by Me

Songs Engineered by Me


Published: April 19, 2020 0 0 61
By: Coleman Naylor, SAE Institute
Category: Engineering
Hashtags: #Audio_Engineering #Music #musicproduction #ProTools #recordingengineer

Both of these songs were recorded at Deafstar Studios in Atlanta, GA by Me. I engineered both of these songs using Pro Tools 11. The first song is by a artist named Keion, who is from Atlanta. While recording Keion I have to make sure I have his Auto Tune is setup correctly because of his style of music and his voice. Also he writes his music down first before he records which makes my job easier and also allows me to make his voice sound better during the mix process. Working with Benny The Butcher was a great experience, he is one of the first bigger artist's I have worked with. It was also a challenge working with him because I don't usually engineer many artists that make his style of hip hop. For both songs I used Waves plugins to mix their songs. Some plugins I Used were: R-Comp, R Vox, CLA Vocals, S1 Imager, and Q- 10 Eq.

Keion Deion - Flava
Benny The Butcher - Did I