To Say I Love You (The Wedding Song)
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To Say I Love You (The Wedding Song)

To Say I Love You (The Wedding Song)

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Published: December 18, 2017 0 0 211
By: James R. Howard, SAE Institute
Category: Music
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In May 1982 I was young and madly in love for the first time. I was also very shy and unable to express myself except through music. So to let the young lady know how I felt about her, I wrote a love song; a wedding song actually, that I had hoped to sing to her on our wedding day. It didn't happen as I still struggled with how to tell her that I wrote the song for her.
Later in September that year I sang it at the wedding of one of my sisters. As for my first true love, she went off to college, met someone else, and settled down.
In 1986 while in the Army and stationed in New York state, I dusted off the song and performed it again for military wives at a base sponsored event. Since then I have recorded a couple of arrangements until this final one.
In 1982, It was just the vocal and piano, now it's fully arranged for a small chamber orchestra (and piano). I have yet to record the vocal to this track but rest assured it's coming! I should point out that the test tone (Chord) played at the beginning of the track is intentional and will be removed in the upcoming final vocal mix.