Training Manager at Howells and Hood
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Training Manager at Howells and Hood

Training Manager at Howells and Hood


Published: October 31, 2018 0 0 452
By: Kelsey Rios,
Category: Education
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Taking the training program that corporate delegates to each restaurant, I was able to host over 13 orientations in 2017 to all FOH workgroups. Orientations would include a tour of the restaurant for each new employee to feel comfortable within the establishment. After the tour, there was a classroom style overview of the training material that each workgroup would receive. We would read through the policies and procedures, positional outlines that detailed their training daily, scheduled procedures, food descriptions and introducing them to the management team and work group managers.

Orientations were detailed in explaining the expectations of each new employee so that they would excel in their position and feel comfortable in asking the necessary questions that would progress their training.