Graduate of SAE Expression College. I am a 3D Animator.


SAE Expression Emeryville
Bachelor Degree in Applied Science Animation & Visual Effects (2018)


Westach Manufacturing
Parts Builder
Ruff Dog Daycare and Hotel
Dog Caretaker

Member Since October 5, 2016

The Squirrel and the Apple

This is an animation I made of a squirrel trying to get to an apple on a tree! I applied a shader to...


Phillip the Bug

This is a character and a slice of pizza that I modeled in ZBrush! I brought it into Maya and re-toplogized...



This is an animated short film that I did with 5 fellow classmates. I was the Lead Animator as well...


Jump and Grab

I animated this scene and used Autodesk Maya. I used a clip of Gabby Douglas, the Olympian, doing a...


Baseball Coach

I animated this scene, used Autodesk Maya, and I used the Morpheus rig. The audio clip is Tom Hanks...


Sam Barloggi Demo Reel

-The Squirrel and the Apple: I animated, lit, textured, rendered, and added music to this scene. I used...